Succession Planning

Succession Planning

As Succession planning and management is the major component of the human resources planning process, our services involves an integrated, systematic approach for identifying, developing, and retaining capable and skilled candidates appropriate for any industry. High-potential candidates who are efficient in filling up top positions are tracked with our Succession planning services in order to achieve the mission, goals, and initiatives of the company.

This ongoing process is essential to retain a talent pool of candidates preparing them for advancement understanding the organization’s long-term goals and objectives. Candidate development needs are identified and trends are determined to ensure a return on the training investment. Only the right candidates fill the key positions after going through our Succession planning services.


Our Succession Planning and Management services is a Five-Step Process that involves:

  • Identifying Key areas and Positions – We identify the vacant key areas and positions in any organization which are essential to the organization’s operational activities and strategic objectives.


  • Identifying capabilities for Key areas and Positions – The capabilities required for these key areas and positions are identified by focusing on relevant knowledge, skills (including language), abilities, and competencies of the candidates.


  • Identifying interested candidates and assessing them against Capabilities – Only those with the potential to fill key areas and positions are selected from the list of interested candidates. They are then trained well within the required time frame.


  • Developing and implementing succession and knowledge transfer plans – In our succession planning and management service we incorporate strategies for learning, training, development, and the transfer of knowledge to the candidates. This will be defined according to your organization’s requirement for leadership positions and other key areas and positions.


  • Evaluating Effectiveness – Succession plans are evaluated timely to ensure that for all key areas and positions these plans are developed, all key positions are filled quickly, new employees in key positions perform effectively and the members of designated groups are adequately represented for key areas and positions.